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Home Grown

The entire manufacturing process is done in-house, right here in South-Africa. We have our own factory in Parys, and design studio in Johannesburg. By doing everything ourselves, we control the whole process from start to finish, insuring timely delivery and the best in after-sale service.

Latest Technology

Although a local company, we pride ourselves on delivering a product comparable to any international brand. Most of our fabrics and all our Lycra and paddings are imported to ensure we always remain current with the latest in cycling-apparel technology and trends.

What you get is an international standard product, locally made and without the excessive charges relating to import duties and royalties.

Market Innovation

Our knowledge of endurance clothing lead Cyclone Sportswear to also become a leading developer and manufacturer of a wide range of running, trail running, tri-athlon and other performance clothing.


Born and tested in the saddle, Cyclone has been designing and innovating cycling products specific to African conditions for 30 years.

For South Africans – by South Africans

You order – we deliver

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